Bienvenue – Welcome to Illo Mulots – Coming Autumn 2022

Illo Mulots, pronounced Ill-Oh-Moolow, is a play on words. It’s a combination of the words Illustration and Ile aux Mulots, meaning Field Mice Isle Soon this “island” will feature illustrations and stories of these small creatures and other friends.

Below you will find a note from them. For while I observe and draw the moments I witness, I am merely a humble guest, and the stage is best left to them.

Welcome to the island!

Don’t mind the mess… We’re busy tidying up after the less furry folk left–the ones with the long legs and long arms and large, loud mouths. They’re not really from here. Just visitors, but they act like the island is theirs. They can leave quite the mess and disturb the real residents (that’s us–the furry and feathered sort), but when the seasons change, they leave for other lands, and we settle back into our rightful abodes. They do leave some decent vittles. We ensure none of it goes to waste! Come back and say hello in the fall. Don’t forget the snacks!!

Until then, check out the links below, and you can see what we’re up to here (yes, we try to keep up with the times!).


Les Mulots

A project.